Availability of Data and Computer Code for Published Papers

Starting from January 1, 2008, the Review of Economic Dynamics implements a new policy regarding the availability of data and computer code for published papers.

Authors of accepted papers are required, before final acceptance, to provide to RED the data and computer code used in generating the results of the paper. This material will be posted on the journal’s web site and should be sufficient to enable other researchers to replicate the results of the paper.

For papers that use empirical data, authors have to provide the final data sets used to obtain the empirical results of the paper, as well as the computer code(s) used to manipulate the data set. A readme.txt file should be included describing how the program(s) can be run. If the final data set was created from other sources, a description of how the final data set was created from the previous sources is also required. This description should be sufficiently detailed to allow other researchers to replicate the construction of the final data set.

For papers that contain numerical results authors have to provide the final programs that generate the results in the paper, plus a readme.txt file describing how the programs can be run, which program generates what results, etc. The results used for the summary statistics and/or graphs should be included.

Authors should send all the relevant files by email to Christian Zimmermann with the following details:

  1. Title of paper
  2. Manuscript number
  3. Name of all authors
  4. Name of RED editor in charge
  5. readme.txt file describing all other files and how to run them. In particular, needs to include:
    1. Software and operating system used
    2. The order in which the programs need to run
    3. Expected computation time
    4. If random numbers are used, the seed needs to be specified, as well as the random number generator.

All files will be made available on the RED website and will be indexed as a “software component” on RePEc. The editor may also require that a technical appendix be provided online. In this case, follow the same procedure. In all cases, Christian Zimmermann will notify the editor once all requirements are met, with CC: to the corresponding author.

Any exemption to this policy has to be approved, at the time of submission, by the coordinating editor of RED.