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The Society for Economics Dynamics is a scientific society with the purpose of encouraging and supporting economic research. It achieves its aims through publications, conferences and web dissemination: the Review of Economic Dynamics is the Journal of the Society; the SED Annual Meeting is the main scientific gathering of the Society, and this website, together with the Economic Dynamics Newsletter (RED supplement), provides information on the Society’s current and past activities and publications, as well as on current research in economics dynamics.

The Society for Economics Dynamics was founded by Thomas Sargent in 1990 in Minneapolis at what became the first SED meeting. Edward Prescott, Dale Mortensen and Thomas Cooley (Founding Editor of RED in 1998) were also part of the SED founding group. The first meetings were small, but many of the then young participants have also become leading researchers in economics. Over the years the SED meetings have become larger and RED has become well established among scientific economics journals. Both remain committed to being a doorway for young researchers into the frontier of economic research.

SED Officers

Ellen McGrattan
Ellen McGrattanPresident
Ellen is a Professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Minnesota where she currently is the Director of the Heller-Hurwicz Economics Institute. She is also an adviser at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis.

Her research and teaching focus on the theory and application of general equilibrium models.

Todd Schoellman
Todd SchoellmanTreasurer
Todd is a Senior Research Economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
His main research interests are labor economics and macroeconomics.
Paulina Restrepo-Echavarría
Paulina Restrepo-EchavarríaSecretary

Paulina is an Economic Policy Advisor at the research department of the Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis.

Her areas of research are international macroeconomics and search theory.

RED Coordinating Editor

Loukas Karabarbounis
Loukas KarabarbounisCoordinating Editor

Board of Directors

Previous Officers

Past Presidents:

2015-2018: Tim Kehoe
2012-2015: Ramon Marimon
2009-2012: Richard Rogerson
2006-2009: David Levine
2004-2006: Boyan Jovanovic
2000-2003: Thomas F Cooley
1996-2000: Dale Mortensen (deceased)
1992-1995: Edward Prescott
1989-1992: Thomas Sargent


2008-2015: Ellen R. McGrattan


2008-2015: Christian Zimmermann

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