Information for Reviewers

Reviewers are asked to determine the appropriateness of a manuscript for publication. The review process is intended to be confidential and anonymous. If you are unable to act on the manuscript within six weeks please notify the editor who contacted you. It would also be helpful if you would notify us at [email protected] as soon as possible if you are unable to review a manuscript.

When you have completed your review, we would like you to report your results in two parts. The first part should be a report for the authors that may point out flaws in the research or exposition and may offer suggestions for improvement. The second part should be a letter to the editor which recommends the disposition of the manuscript. The usual alternatives are rejection, acceptance (possibly contingent on minor revisions), and revise and resubmit. The latter would imply that the revisions are more substantial and the manuscript should be reviewed again.

We do not wish to waste valuable referee resources. If a manuscript is clearly inappropriate for the journal or badly executed in some way, a simple letter to the editor is all that is required.

We are grateful for your help in making our journal a success.

The Editors