Letter from the President

November 2023

Dear Colleagues,

We are happy to report that the summer conference in Cartagena was a great success thanks in large part to program chairs Anmol Bhandari and Paulina Restrepo-Echavarria and local chair David Perez-Reyna and his team from Universidad de los Andes. Despite being next to a beautiful beach, sessions were very well attended, including the three plenary sessions given by Valerie Ramey, Matthias Doepke, and Mark Aguiar. Even if you could not make it to the meetings, you should check out the talks online at economicdynamics.org.

The next SED events will take place at the ASSA 2024 in San Antonio. Three sessions have been organized by Viral Acharya (Inflation: The Role of Beliefs and Credibility), Karthik Sastry (Behavioral Macroeconomics), and Oleg Itskhoki (International Capital Flows and the Reserve Currency Paradox). Please add this on your calendar and check the online program for more details on time and location.

After that, we have our annual summer meeting. As many of you already know, the Barcelona meeting originally scheduled in June, 2020 is finally going to happen next year. The dates of the meeting are set for June 27-29, 2024. The program organizers are Alessandra Fogli and Elena Manresa. They have already invited a fantastic lineup of plenary speakers, namely, Veronica Guerrieri, Lars Peter Hansen, and Stefanie Stantcheva and are now inviting members of the program committee. We are planning a call for papers to appear later this month. The local chairs are the same as in 2020: Jordi Caballe, Joan Llull, Albert Marcet, and Raul Santaeulalia-Llopis. Sessions will be held at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona campus and plans are in the works to host receptions in downtown Barcelona. We encourage everyone to keep an eye on our website and social media feeds for updates.

Since our summer meetings have been so successful, we are going to run an experiment next year by adding an extra meeting in December (2024). For this, we have chosen the Department of Economics at the Universidad Torcuato di Tella in Buenos Aires, Argentina as hosts. The department will be celebrating its 30th year anniversary. The plan is to test demand for a winter meeting and perhaps host more events in the future if this works out. Plans are still fluid so please check our website for updates.

In other news, we want to thank Jeppe Druedahl and his colleagues at the University of Copenhagen, who have agreed to host the summer meetings in 2025. As many of you know, we were originally planning to meet in Taipei, Taiwan. With current travel restrictions to China and Taiwan, we decided to let future SED presidents revisit the possibility once there is more certainty. In the meantime, we will begin planning for Copenhagen 2025.

As always, we want to thank the SED officers: Todd Schoellman (Treasurer) and Paulina Restrepo-Echavarria (Secretary), who are an enormous help to us and to the Society.

Ellen and JuanPa

Presidents, Society for Economic Dynamics