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Volume 19, Issue 2 (November 2018)

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Letter from the President

Dear Colleagues,

I want to start my tenure as President of the SED by thanking Tim Kehoe for doing an amazing job over the last three years.  He oversaw the organization of two very successful meetings in Edinburgh and Mexico, and next year’s meeting in St. Louis, which also promises to be a great event.  During Tim‘s time as President, we have seen the visibility of the Society grow along with the number of submissions for the summer meeting.  Tim has also expanded the presence of SED at the winter ASSA meetings by adding a third session.  Of course, Tim and I both have the great fortune to have Marina Azzimonti as Secretary and Erwan Quintin as Treasurer.  Marina and Erwan will continue in their roles during my three years as President and should take the credit for any successes.

For those of you attending the 29th Meeting of the SED in Mexico City at the Insituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico this past June, you already know that it was a resounding success.  David Lagakos and Guillermo Ordoñez co-chaired the program committee while Diego Domínguez, Germán Rojas, and Carlos Urrutia literally ran around nonstop making sure all of the local arrangements appeared seamless.  The plenary speeches given by Joseph Altonji, Enrique Mendoza, and Nancy Stokey are now up online for anyone who might have missed them.  I want to especially thank Enrique Mendoza who did double duty by giving one of the SED plenary talks and by participating in a pre-SED conference sponsored by the Banco de Mexico and organized by Diego Domínguez and Jessica Roldan.  Events such as these help us to finance other activities like the spectacular gala dinner in the historic part of the city and the taquiza party and artisanal mezcal tasting. Add in a mariachi band and it is a fitting goodbye party marking the end of Tim‘s presidency.

Next year we will be in St Louis for our 30th meeting, which will take place on the Washington University in St. Louis campus June 27-29, with a pre-conference event and reception at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis on June 26. These events will be sponsored jointly by Washington University in St. Louis and the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.  The local organizing team is headed by Carlos Garriga, Rody Manuelli, B Ravikumar, and Chris Waller, a group that has much combined experience arranging events of the size and caliber of the SED. Look for announcements on our website and make sure to submit papers by February 15, 2019.  I am pleased that Marla Ripoll and Sevin Yeltekin have agreed to serve as Co-Chairs of the Program Committee and equally pleased to announce that they have recruited Laura Veldkamp, Emmanuel Farhi, and Jan Eeckhout as next year’s plenary speakers.

In other news, I am very happy to announce that the 31st meeting will be held at the Universitat Autonoma in Barcelona. The dates for the meeting are scheduled to be June 21 to 23. The last day coincides with the celebration in honor of San Joan, a day that is very special in the city of Barcelona. This will be our second time there.  The last time was 1995 when Ed Prescott was President and Ramon Marimon (also a past president) was program chair. I am also working on other exciting venues for the 2021 and 2022 meetings. Stay tuned for more on that.

For all of you attending the 2019 ASSA Meetings in January, be sure to check out the three SED-sponsored sessions taking place in the Hilton Atlanta: “Markups, Consumption and Market Concentration” organized by Arlene Wong (8-10, January 4) “Macroeconomics and Heterogeneity” organized by Adrien Auclert (10:15-12:15, January 4), and “Productivity, Technical Change, and Public Policies” organized by Stefanie Stantcheva (8-10, January 5).  I also want to thank Larry Christiano who has been overseeing the organization of the winter sessions for many years. Each year, he manages to find the best and brightest young people to put together sessions that liven up the ASSA meetings.

I look forward to seeing all of you in St. Louis.

Ellen McGrattan

President, Society for Economic Dynamics

November 2018

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SED: Call for Papers, 2019 Meeting

The next annual meeting of the Society of Economic Dynamics will take place in St. Louis, MO from June 27th to June 29th, 2019 (see details here). We are pleased to announce plenary talks by Jan Eeckhout, Emmanuel Farhi and Laura Veldkamp.   You can now submit your paper for the conference using ConferenceMaker until February 15th, 2019. We are looking forward to receiving many exciting submissions for the academic program!

Marla Ripoll and Sevin Yeltekin

SED 2019 Program Co-chairs

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